Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking back at terrific 2014!!

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy
Hey guys!

Can you believe its already 2015?WHAT!?The year has just flown by like one of those goodbye tissues in sad cliche movie scenes that we just can't stop watching.Nevertheless,2014 has been such an amazing year for me and i am extremely grateful for all the experiences i managed to stumble upon.I therefore decided to share some of these reflections with my awesome readers!I do apologize for the lack of posts though, i have been super busy with uni,swamped with tonnes of course work.Plus,this semester was filled with a number of trips so i was constantly on the road which i am not in the slightest bit complaining about!
It was actually TONNES of fun! *insert mischievous laughter*

So now you are in the know,lets recap!

What were the three best things that happened in 2014? Well,
  • I got to travel to Uganda, which made it my first time out of the country.YESSSS!!!!
  •  I went for a hike and survived!!!Not only that but it was so much fun that i am actually thinking about doing it again.However,the blisters,pain and exhaustion that come with it lead me to second guess my decision.
  • I finally accepted that it is ok not to have all the answers.I was the kind of person who constantly calculated every move and worried about every outcome.I was not happy with where i was and Alhamdulillah 2014 was the year when i said, i am going to be bold and live my life to the fullest!No more sitting by the sidelines and watching life pass me by.Alhamdulillah now i can say i am so much happier because i put my trust in Allah (SW) and i know that wherever i am is exactly where i am suppose to be, and if i don't like where i am,i have the strength to change my situation.
Machakos scenery during the hike.

Up we go!

 What were the three worst things that happened in 2014?
  • I have to say i wasn't as involved in Islamic events such as halaqas (Islamic circles) and darsas (Islamic lectures) and i also didn't gain as much knowledge as i would have loved to.I was too preoccupied with school and everything else i ended up neglecting my Islamic studies.Gaining knowledge helps a great deal in strengthening one's eeman and so when you take your Islamic studies for granted,in the end you are sabotaging your eeman.Which no one wants.
  • My Camera was stolen.Yo i needed that camera.Anyways it is the will of Allah SW and i am content with it.
  • My phone was stolen.No i am not careless or clumsy these things happen ok!Moving on...
What did you learn about yourself in 2014? That...
  •  I want so many things and have so many dreams!My mind is constantly preoccupied with random things and if i don't take time out to just sort things out and put everything into perspective,i will have a nervous breakdown.Hence taking time out is key.
  • I also learnt that i am capable of so much more and i should stop making excuses because only losers do that.And while its normal to be afraid,don't let the fear of failure or what people think stop you from being who you are and doing what you love.
  • I really need to start being a morning person.Awwh man :(
My favorite 2014 experience.
  • Feeding Giraffes at Haller Park!!(Which is a game park btw). It was quite a new and need i say slimy experience.I mean those guys have super long tongues but i loved it anyways!Especially because it was a family outing which does not happen very often.Although the hike to Machakos and trip to Uganda were also super amazing.

My biggest accomplishment of 2014.
  • I would definitely say surviving my research methods course.Boy was that course a struggle and a half!At the beginning of the semester,my friends had warned me about taking that course with that particular  lecturer.Ofcourse being me i just shrugged and brushed it off.Little did i know i was signing up for my most challenging course yet.Looking back now i am really glad i took it up.If i had dropped the course it would only have been because of fear and that is definitely not what i am about.Furthermore, i am quite happy with how i performed so i feel that i did preety well!
Most amazing place i visited in 2014.
  •  Machakos was preety amazing,but the scenery in Haller park was also quite breathtaking.Then again it is a game park so...yeah.It is also located in my home area so i don't really think that counts.And for some reason i only visited the park this year?

Best food you tasted in 2014.
  •  Has to be 'Gonja' i hope i got that right, which is roasted bananas.A common delicacy in Uganda.Also 'Rolex' which is basically Mexican omelet rolled in chapati!So it's kind of like Shawarma only not as fancy seeing that its just plain omelet and chapati.
Favorite book of 2014.
  • Unfortunately,not much reading happened during 2014.I I was reading the book 'How To Be Hap Hap Happy Like Me by Merrill Markoe and although it did not turn out to be what i expected from a self help book kind of view, i still enjoyed it.I think its a great read full of humor and such rich literature so i was quite content and glad that i actually read it.
Favorite movie of 2014
  • I did not watch as many movies last year.2014 was definitely a series year.But,i did fall in love with the movie Stuck in love.I never get tired of watching it.
Best song of 2014.
  • Mesut Kurtis - Eidun Saeed feat. Maher Zain.I loveeeeeeeeeeee this song!It just makes me want to have Eid every single day.Love it
  • Sauti Sol- Sura Yako.I know it says favorite 'song' but come on, no one likes just one song!Everybody knows that!
  • Davido-Aye...need i say more?
  •  Moelogo- Thinking out Loud_6words (cover). I can't even.I just.can't.

Best event of 2014 you attended.
  • Has to be the Mshkaki festival!I mean i got off from the plane and felt super emaciated!So i told my brother i was hungry and the next thing i know we're at the Mshkaki festival which i knew nothing about.Hence my excitement.Can you imagine being hungry and then finding yourself minutes later at a festival with all the local delicacies you can gobble down!?The people,the music,THE FOOD and it was at night which made it even more magical.It was the first time an event like this had been held so i was really grateful i was able to attend it.By the way Mshkaki is a swahili word which refers to roasted meat on a stick and then the meat is dipped in various sauces depending on one's liking.It's quite the delicacy here in Mombasa. 


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post!I pray that this year will be even more awesome for all of us.May Allah (sw) allow us to be better,improve ourselves in every possible way,may we strive to please Him (sw) and may He (sw) forgive us for our shortcomings.Allahumma Ameen.
That being said,what was your favorite part of 2014?Comment,tweet,Facebook or even Instagram me because i love hearing from you guys!Bye!