Thursday, August 25, 2016


Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh
Hi my people!

 It has been a while, and by a while I mean 22 whole days because my Facebook page won’t let me catch a breath; constantly reminding me that I’ve been away for 22 whole days; which in social media life span is basically a century. However in my defense, I was finishing up my university experience in style. Trying to hand in all my projects in time, attending graduation dinners and preparing for graduation…and then graduating!

Yes, I said graduating, yes I am officially a graduate, I also find that hard to believe but it actually happened Alhamdulillah! But let’s not get carried away here, one step at a time please. This post is about my graduation dinner experience and…*drum rolls please* my first Youtube video!!!I actually have a channel with an actual video guys! Can we just take a moment to clap for me or something! It feels so surreal Subhanallah.

I remember when I first met and fell in love with Youtube in 2013, when I came to Nairobi for uni and had the privilege of staying at my aunt’s house that had wi fi round the clock. I had already discovered my love for editing by then and so when I learnt about Youtube I automatically knew that it was a community I wanted to be a part of; and now I am!!!I’m so grateful and excited and terrified all at the same time but hey what’s life if not a whirl wind of emotions? Anyway, back to the graduation dinner.

Fashionably Late

I’m always late for my events to be honest, but that’s only because I do it on purpose, I’m what you call 'fashionably late'. I think. From what I’m used to, school events normally go past midnight. Hence when the night is over, all you want to do is catapult yourself into bed. What I therefore prefer to do is make sure I make my Isha prayer (night prayer which begins at about 7. 50 pm ish) before leaving for the event lest I become lethargic and exhausted and thus fail to make it when I come back from the event.

Little did I know that graduation dinner actually ends at 11pm…and not in African time but literally 11pm. So there I go arriving at around 8.45pm when the event actually began at 6pm. It’s ok though, I still made it in time for the food. All in all I had an amazing time at the event and I’m so glad I went for it even though the ticket was friggin Ksh. 4000! Most of my friends actually bailed because they felt that the price was way too much and they couldn’t be bothered, but what do they know those losers.

'Touchy - Feely' Parting Shot

Being done with Uni has made me realize the importance of making memories and living in the present. It seems like only yesterday I was a freshman and here I am calling myself a graduate. It made me realize what really matters; the experiences, the people, the places, the laughter, the fun. All those papers I stressed about, all the term papers I wrote, all of these were important no doubt. But majority of them are going into the bin because I’m not going into the next chapter of my life hoarding a bunch of papers I wrote in Uni, I’m actually only keeping about four of the papers I wrote out of a whole three years of University, which if i may say is a huge feat in itself.

However all those camping trips, all the school events, the conferences and class trips, the chances and risks I took, the people and the places, these pictures, these memories I pray to carry them on with me.  I hope you guys also learnt atleast one thing on this journey with me and I hope I inspired you in any little way whatsoever, to be bold and brave. Enough chit chat though, on to the vlog!!Make sure  you like, subscribe and share the love! Thank you so much for all the love and support and as always, I love hearing from you guys!xoxo