Friday, May 29, 2015

Finding Myself...

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!
Hiiiiiiii! :)

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Assalam Aleykum guys!!Oh my goodness.I don't even want to count how long it has been,i mean are you kidding me?Subhanallah ok,ok let me just calm my nerves and explain to you guys where i have been and what i have been upto.

Last i checked,i was letting you guys know about all the adventures i would be taking part in, that is the meetings and school expeditions.Well,those happened.And then finals came and i just felt so exhausted subhanallah.I literally just wanted to throw in the towel and just take a breather.And so when the holidays came,even though i had the urge to write,i still couldn't because i had to prepare for the next semester's activities for the various clubs i'm in and i still had an assignment to finish!!!!Can you believe that?FYI our holidays usually last for about three weeks to a month and sometimes we get spill over assignments that are submitted through email...baah (-_-).So yeah that was my ordeal.As you can see,i have been quite busy even my holiday was full of random to do lists.But Alhamdulillah, i learnt alot and I survived!What do you know,what doesn't kill you actually makes you stronger!

To add onto all that,it got to a point where i just wasn't happy with where i was and who i was. There was an emptiness inside of me that made me lose my motivation. Everything felt wrong if that makes any sense.I had lost my direction and so i was walking around carrying out different functions that weren't fulfilling to my life.I didn't have that feeling of felicity and even when i did, it just wasn't enough.Thus i knew that i needed to take a step back and just rethink everything and really search within myself to find out what i really wanted and who i wanted to be.

So when the Journey of Faith conference came to Nairobi once again, i knew this was exactly what i needed.The Journey of Faith conference is a three day Islamic conference that is subhanallah,so amazaing!I was not able to attend the first one that happened last year,so when i had the opportunity to attend this one,i knew it was Allah SW's plan for me.I felt that i needed that recharge in my Iman and that this was what i needed in my life.That connection i had with Allah (sw) was lost and i desperately needed to get it back.Alhamdulillah,the conference exceeded my expectations.It was absolutely breathtaking and all the lectures were insanely inspiring tabarakallah.May Allah (sw) reward all those who were involved in making this fabulous,blessed event such a success.Ameen.

Alhamdulillah fast forward to current times,i'm feeling much,much better and it is only by Allah (sw)'s grace and mercy.I have made quite a few changes in my life that have improved my inner well-being a great deal.Although i'm still a diamond in the rough and i'm still working on becoming a better muslimah.Basically i'm at a better place,much better place Alhamdulillah :).
I have also been blessed so much that i'm now working on opening my own boutique in shaa Allah...SO EXCITED!So please make dua for me.

After all the stories,i would really like to apologize for the lack of posts.As my avid regular readers know,i have not been having wi-fi in my apartment and had to go all the way to the school library to access the internet.Furthermore, lack of a camera has also constricted my creativity flow which also contributed to my loss of motivation to post.Because i like giving you guys,creative,interesting content to indulge in and all this was killing my vibe :(. But Alhmdulillah i now have wi-fi again!!!May Allah (sw) make it beneficial for me Ameen.

I had really missed blogging and i absolutely love my blog and love producing beneficial content for all my readers.I therefore want to keep up with my blog  and my writing as i love doing it and finding a creative outlet to release my thoughts and emotions is always a healthy thing.I pray you guys are all doing extremely well in shaa Allah.I want to thank all those lovely sisters who have been checking up on me on  my facebook,leaving comments on my blog,following me on twitter, Jazakillah khayr!!!I love you guys so much subhanallah and i pray Allah (sw) increases us in love for His sake.Ameen!!
See you guys really soon in shaa Allah.Bye!!!