Saturday, March 18, 2017

So here's what's been going on...

Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh
Hello Everyone!

I’m not sure how I got here exactly, for those who read my beginning of the year post, you know that we didn’t quite start off on the right foot. However, at the moment I’m actually in quite a different place; a happier place. I feel less angsty and anxious, we could even say I’m calm (which is a rare treat for me as I’m always worrying about the next little thing) not collected though, just calm. I also feel excited and most especially positive. So rather than me spilling my guts on here about what’s been going on and how my life took this abrupt turn for the better, I thought I would make things interesting by taking stock because let’s face it, we all need to pause and reflect from time to time.

Currently: nursing a serious flu that literally came out of nowhere. It’s basically 1000 degrees in Mombasa and here I am on bed rest, drinking loads of fluids because I have a cold? Oh well, atleast now I have an excuse to lazy around and binge on some of my favourite shows to watch at the moment. Also, as a Muslim the idea of illness is actually quite profound because it is generally seen as a sort of cleansing and healing phase, in that when a Muslim is sick his sins fall from him as leaves shed from trees.

Hadith - Muslim & Bukhari
Abu Sa'id al-Khudri r.a. reported that the Prophet said: Whenever a Muslim is afflicted with a hardship, sickness, sadness, worry, harm, or depression --even a thorn's prick, Allah expiates his sins because of it.
So basically it’s a win win for me!

Drinking:  Tea! Loads and loads of Kericho gold’s Green Tea in Passion and Jasmine flavour. It has an amazing aroma and I love the fact that it’s a local product which I’m all up to support.

Wondering: when will I ever get my sleeping pattern together and actually develop a functioning Morning routine because I can’t keep on living like this anymore!!!!!!Help me😖

Loving: Making Youtube videos!!!I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy myself this much but Alhamdulillah it’s such a great feeling!If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do so here!

Watching: Too much Youtube! However I’ve been especially loving videos by Lucy Moon (as always), vlogs by Lily Melrose who I’ve always loved, and this new channel by Anna called thereshegoes. She does a lot of thrifting videos which as you guys know speak to me because I love to thrift too. But what I love most about her channel is her genuine nature and authenticity. Moreover, I absolutely love her Bohemian and free spirit aesthetic which I really gravitate to.

Listening: to Ella Mai’s Time EP a tad bit too much. It’s a very explicit EP but I genuinely love how it makes me feel like such a badass lol.I also stumbled upon some great new artists recently: Tatiana Manaois, Astrid S and Daya.Check them out when you can!

Reading: Heather Awad’s The Lovely Brush poetry Collection which I downloaded for free from Noise Trade. This year I want to read books that I genuinely enjoy and want to read. Normally, for the sake of ‘this year I want to read more books’ I would pick up a book and feel that I had to complete the whole book even when I realized a few chapters into the book that I was not interested in it anymore. The book simply doesn’t speak to me. This year instead of staying stagnant trying to finish a book I deep down know I won’t, I’m going to read what speaks to me.

Waiting: To be done with my driving classes!!!I have my exam next Wednesday in shaa Allah and I’m kind of lowkey freaking out but I know I’m going to do well bi’idhnillah.

Looking: forward to the next few months to be honest.I never thought I would even be in this state of mind considering my I hate 2017 post but Alhamdulillah, it does get better.

Enjoying: my life at the moment! My time is basically split between my driving classes, blogging, Youtube, Job hunting and… chores. Luckily I do have some help around the house at the moment so I can atleast afford to work on my goals. However, I genuinely love where I’m at right now including the pace and path I’m on Alhamdulillah.

Feeling: happy, slightly freaked out but all in all confident and grateful.

Thinking: about the lengths people are willing to go to so as to find success. I definitely do understand the need and pressure to make it and be successful; however there is definitely a level of moral degradation in the society where we’re normalizing situations that should not be normalized at all, all for the sake of money, fame and this fallacy that happiness equals to money and fame. However I do feel that there is so much more to life and so much for us to learn and appreciate, without compromising our values and ourselves in the process *note to self.

Hoping: for the best in everything, and that you’re having a fantastic time wherever you are.

So that’s basically the 411, I hope you’re weekend is going super lovely so far. As always, I love hearing from you guys! xoxo