Sunday, July 24, 2016


Assalam Aleykum Warahmatullahy Wabarakatuh!

Can you tell that's me in cap?
My thoughts are all tangled and jumbled up and it's making it very difficult for me to express myself coherently.Blackbear is playing and i have to say i am damn impressed!However, i'm experiencing a mixture of emotions, one moment i'm excessively stressed out to the point where my heart is racing, and the next minute i have zero fucks to give and can not be bothered with this stressful uni life.I mean i came to uni to get an education not a heart attack!

I feel so angry for some reason, at a non- existent figure if not myself and i've noticed that i've been quite tempestuous and misanthropic lately.Evidently, my last semester has  proven to be my most difficult and stressful.I basically want to throw everything in air and chuck my deuces up but hell nah, not after all the tears i've wept to get to this point.Honestly, i am extremely exhausted and drained.I'm just ready to be done with all these bloody assignments and projects.I'm currently at that point where you get extremely stressed until your stress gets converted to a type of fake chill.So that's where i am now, fake chilling until my nerves sky rocket once more to volcanic heights.Until then, enjoy this little note that i found to radiate such positivity, which we all need, always.I hope you guys are great wherever you are, make dua for me please!As always, i love hearing from you.Until next time!xoxo


  1. I hope you feel less stressed soon! The good thing about tests and assignments is that they end within a week or two, and after that you have the perfect excuse to celebrate.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Thanks so much M!You're hella right about the assignments being temporary because once i'm done with all this stress i'm actually done with uni and i'm UBER SUPER EXCITEDDDDD!!!!I hope you're awesome gurl!!!